sábado, 4 de octubre de 2008

CONAN EL BÁRBARO Recopilación de ediciones de colección.
The Gnome Press Editions ~ 1950-1957
John Forte David Kyle David Kyle Kelly Freas Ed Emshwiller Ed Emshwiller Wally Wood The original Lancer Editions (1966-1971) and the British Sphere Editions (1973-1978)
Cover art by Frank Frazetta & John DuilloThe only time the stolen Frazetta painting was
printed as a cover to the series ~ Sphere Books 1978Frazetta's Conan Paintings
Among the most influential paintings of the 20th Century!
A version of Conan the Buccanner between the
published cover and as the painting stands today!
The stolen Conan of Aquilonia painting published as the cover
to the bootleg fanzine The Frazetta Treasury ~ 1973 Me lo he traído todo del excelente blog

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