miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Para que os deis un paseito viendo lo que se cuece por la NORTEAMERICA: UNOS CUANTOS LInKS pa navegar viento en popa a toda vela!!LINKS R US The Fencing Shrine: This is a very cool site. Be sure to visit the Oracle. Fun. (added June 3.1999)Tampa's Fencing Academy: Official web site for T.F.A., with information for members and fencers in generalTampa's Fencing Academy Coaches' Page: A site about the cool dudes who coach at Salle Duran in Tampa, FloridaQuality Performers This site if for a company that sells women's chest protectors for fencing and other body contact sports. Their merchandise is available through suppliers in the U.S., Southern Africa, Europe, Austalia and New Zealand. USFA (United States Fencing Association): Official site of the national, Olympic sanctioned, fencing organizationRandall's World: Great site with lots of totally cool stuff for fencersFENCER GIRL'S FENCING GLOSSARY & WEAPONS OVERVIEW: Just what the title says it isFENCER GIRL'S HUMOR PAGE : Another one that is just what its title says it isTHE PEN AND THE SWORD: The poetry page.TFA Magazine: The online magazine of Tampa's Fencing Academy, of general interest to fencers as well as TFA membersThe Fencing Shrine: Fencer Girl loves this site and not just because her page is listed is mentioned there as a fave. It's just really a whole lot of fun! (added May 18,1999)A TOUCHE' OF STYLE: Article on clothing for fencers and a current list of fencing equipment suppliers in North AmericaFence Net: This is a great resource for all kinds of fencing information. It's got a search function to help you find just what you are looking for.Fenfool's Fencing Page: Totally cool page by Jim FerronePICK UP LINES FOR SWORDWIELDERS: A page for those who need help getting a conversation startedHistoricalWeapons.Com This site is for a seller but it has a lot of great links as well as the swordsy stuff for sale.FENCING PHOTO ALBUM: (added 4/29/98) See what some of the members of Tampa's Fencing Academy look like.FENCING LINKS: tons of links here. Me lo pillé todo de una web muy wapa, con muchíiiiisima info de esgrima... aunque un poco desactualizada... http://www.fencergirls.tripod.com

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